Oddly enough many of the clients I work with were initially very resistant to change – what a surprise:) Change usually occurs for most of us as a reactive measure, rather than a proactive measure. Sales are down so we need new a new sales approach; profit margins are down so we cut costs – and so it goes. Being humans, as long as things fall into a comfort zone – things are not too bad or too good – we let inertia guide us forward and just focus on the day to day stuff. It is only when the situation takes us out of our comfort zone that we start to consider change. And by then, it is often too late or the costs of not changing become much more significant.
Think of yourself and your health. Did you start going to the gym before you put on the weight? Did yoga become part of your routine before the knees, hips and lower backs started bothering you? If you answered ‘yes’ to these way to go! You are doing in your personal life what we need to practice in our business life – proactivity.
Still many of us are scared of change in our business lives. And what I have found in chatting with many clients is it was a change in their personal lives that allowed them to be more open to possible changes at work. For instance, taking up running for the first time – seeing the weight come off and yourself feeling better makes you feel more confident and more capable. We often take the same attitudes of how we are feeling at home, knowingly or unknowingly, to work with us.
So as you consider yourself and your capabilities make sure you are bringing your best self to work. Remember, having things stay the same is a hypothetical stage – it doesn’t really exist. Things are either growing or decaying. So if you think things are staying the same it usually means decay is underway and it is time to get out of your comfort zones. If you can do that directly in your business environment – great. If you need an extra boost in confidence try showing yourself your expanded capabilities by eating better, engaging in fitness or trying a new activity. I personally took an improv comedy course over two weekends recently and the confidence gained from that experience (it was way outside my normal comfort zones) has translated into some great business initiatives.
Here’s to you unshackling yourself and achieving what you truly can. Send me a quick note and let me know what successes or challenges you are having.