Sitting at a soulless desk as a corporate banker,
I was deeply frustrated. I knew there had to be
more for me than pushing paper.

Can you believe it? The whole Limitless concept started with me playing with animals over 30 years ago. Sitting at a soulless desk as a corporate banker, I was deeply frustrated. I knew there had to be more for me than pushing paper. Yes, I had done it right -followed the proper path of education and had what most considered a great future in front of me. That was 1986 – and that’s when things changed – I decided to go Limitless.

Three years later I was operating Canada’s largest rehabilitation centre for abandoned exotic animals – my lifelong dream come true. As a result an incredible myriad of wonderful creatures became part of my family – swimming with jaguars, running with wolves, playing in the snow with tigers, helping an owl take flight again. These activities had replaced my corporate banker’s desk — and I was ecstatic.

I wanted to help others feel the incredible satisfaction that comes from doing what one loves. My next step – helping people create their own Limitless adventure. Over the last 20 years I have worked with over 2000 businesses and individuals to help them create and grow – a body of work I am grateful to have been a part of.

But as I crested and passed beyond that psychological barrier of “50” awhile back my personal meaning of fulfillment also began to change. Limitless now meant a much broader expanse of possibilities, and while it still often meant an entrepreneurial adventure, it also now means different kinds of adventures including physical, philanthropic and creative adventures. All these become possible when you can focus on the passion and not just the paycheck.

For the past 4 years I and some very passionate and dedicated friends have operated AdventureFive-0 as a tribe of 1000 strong wanting to find and express their passions in life. What this uncovered was many who were still craving more out of their lives in terms of interests and 2nd careers. Their challenge – who to turn to get the motivational assistance for someone 50+ whose perspective on what success could mean tended to be broader and less….commercialized?

And that is what Limitless is. Passionate people with enough life perspective and skill sets to help you dream, create and live a life that satisfies like nothing else.


Scott’s energy and commitment resonate through the delivery of his highly effective motivational presentations and workshops, ensuring that his audiences take away new insights, skills, inspiration and momentum.
Barbara Holt, MBA Senior Business Consultant
We have worked with Scott on a couple of live TV / Webinar projects in the past few months. Scott has a dynamic personality that is energizing and confident. We love working on the stage with Scott as it raises our game every time!
Robert Murray, President, CompassPeak Inc.
Scott is a fantastic speaker with a great sense of humour and a profound understanding of business. His knowledge of business strategies is second to none and I’ve watched him energize hardened veterans and entrepreneurs alike. Book Scott while you can – your business will thank you for it.
Bradley Shende, CEO, MEDIA2O
Scott gets it. He has that rare quality of combining a positive energy with real street smarts that is very motivating to be around……a great mentor for anyone wanting to move forward.
Colin McWhinnie, President, Salesexperts.com