Professional Selling For Everyday Business

Getting a connection with and understanding the needs and desires of people you work with is not the sole domain of professional salespeople. Everyone needs these skills whether you are selling to a client, applying for a job or trying to get your boss to say yes to your idea. This 6 video course is chalk full of need to know, how to use techniques that will provide you with immediate results. Click here to learn more.


A gift to you! One life-altering juicy goal – realized. What would yours be? In your most pumped-up state, what do you think is possible? What if your dreams, no matter how incredible, are only the entry point to a new life of passion and fulfillment!  Why, you ask? Quite simply when you are living life with meaningful energy you attract others who are also doing extraordinary things. When this happens unbelievable opportunities…well, they just begin to appear.

The online Limitless course will not only inspire  but it  will show you how to:

  • Access your purest potential, creating a deeply fulfilling life of adventure and accomplishment
  • Unearth personal passions and skills scarcely known to you
  • Hobble procrastination so you will see and feel results immediately

Become a master at spending your limited time to your greatest advantage. Click here to have immediate access to your future.’

Professional Speaking and Presentation Skills – to be launched in July

Negotiation Techniques For Everyday Life – to be launched in September

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Scott’s energy and commitment resonate through the delivery of his highly effective motivational presentations and workshops, ensuring that his audiences take away new insights, skills, inspiration and momentum.
Barbara Holt, MBA Senior Business Consultant
We have worked with Scott on a couple of live TV / Webinar projects in the past few months. Scott has a dynamic personality that is energizing and confident. We love working on the stage with Scott as it raises our game every time!
Robert Murray, President, CompassPeak Inc.
Scott is a fantastic speaker with a great sense of humour and a profound understanding of business. His knowledge of business strategies is second to none and I’ve watched him energize hardened veterans and entrepreneurs alike. Book Scott while you can – your business will thank you for it.
Bradley Shende, CEO, MEDIA2O
Scott gets it. He has that rare quality of combining a positive energy with real street smarts that is very motivating to be around……a great mentor for anyone wanting to move forward.
Colin McWhinnie