Only 8% of people stay with their goals/resolutions until completion according to a University of Scranton 2012 study. What is even more disturbing to those 40 years+ is they are 50% less likely to keep to their goals than their younger counterparts – said meaning less than 4% success for an age group. There is just so much going on that what was at one time ironclad resolve morphs into a dissolving sugar in a rain as the emotional psyche reacts to yet another daily dose of 2017 living.

I am currently in day 11 of a self-imposed 30-day detox/cleanse and yes, I have had several structural speed bumps threatening my success, like a massive pierogi making party and just 2 days ago, Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. It would have been all too easy to abandon my goal of upgrading my eating habits for long-term health.Such is often the case when we build out our runways to achieve business or personal achievement goals, even ones that we are deeply passionate about. Sadly, if our one targeted success criterion loses influence in our psyche, even for a short while, our commitment to the activities we have decided on can waiver, crack, and in the worst-case scenario, be entirely abandoned with the stinging words ‘it was too difficult’ running through our minds.

Enter the importance of viewing your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) with several divergent personal success factors that you can check in with and which will help keep you true along the way.

In tackling the 30-day detox, the personal benefits I envisioned included an increase in energy (a big yes), detox of vital organs and blood, weight loss (6 lbs so far), reducing caffeine intake and supporting my partner. So, when I decided to imbibe in stuffing and turkey last weekend, not surprisingly my weight loss goal and detox took temporary hits which could weaken my resolve. But the counter balance of celebrating eight days without a Coke (caffeine, as I don’t drink coffee) helped provide the internal strength to continue on full bore. And now, to my surprise, my daughter has decided to take up the detox program adding another key success factor to my support list.

As you think about your next BHAG think about it in terms of multiple benefits. If it is starting your own business, yes think of profit, but also think of skill set development, community impact, confidence, creativity and vitality. If your BHAG is to walk the 800 km El Camino trail in Spain and Portugal think of fitness, spiritual infusion, language development, self-reliance, socialization, clarity of thought, and a reduction in wardrobeJ.

Just like a solid mutual fund investment multiple success criteria will keep you better balanced when the inevitable wobbles come and greatly increase your chances for long-term success.

I certainly welcome additioanl insights into goal attainment that you have personally experienced. Cheers, Scott