Last week my mentor and I had our semi-annual visioning and strategy retreat – from a 4-man bobsled hurdling down the fastest ice-track in the world. With upwards of 5G’s being exerted on my body while going through the two most dangerous 180 degree turns in the world I can tell you it doesn’t take long for your mind to purge the usual gunk that can obscure clarity.

Twice a year we create such inspired retreats – the best think tank environments on the planet. Atop Whistler Mountain, surfing on a tropical beach, running a Tough Mudder or kayaking through famed Algonquin Park, these retreats, by necessity, have to supremely inspire, invigorate our physical selves and provide sanctuary away from the incessant noise that has become our marketing driven society.

What ROI do we get in return, besides the thrill of the event itself? Inspired vision, mental clarity and the synthesis of previously random thoughts, to start off with. More specifically, we envisioned how I could take my business expertise and provide high value to an entirely new client sector through the use of technology and unattached associations. Yes, I have employed a degree of vagueness but I hope the breadcrumbs illustrates the value of such retreats. In short, I would have never had the mental wherewithall to conceive of this business model if I remained in my daily trenches with what ever constraints they provide to my conceptual horsepower.

While this is but one example of the value of optimal mindset retreats have yielded (they have been occurring for 8 years), it has shifted my business and previous life in ways that are nothing short of amazing to me. My necessary travel is down by 50%, while non-time consuming revenue is up enough to … excite me. This in turn allows me the opportunity to do other passion work, such as authoring my next book.

You get the picture. If your vision is where you are headed, is it not worth unleashing the limitless potential that you have to create something that is inspired and worthy of your best? Does it not deserve at least equal billing with efforts you put into balancing your books, working on your facebook profile or that two-hour meeting that yielded nothing? We have all been there!

Inspiration and clarity are the genesis of tomorrow’s great acheivements. Without your commitment to creating a compelling ‘must have’ vision the best you can expect is an instant cup of coffee at a 3-star resort. Truly great inspirations come from an unbridaled mindset that is immersed in an invigorating environment with people who know how to coax the very best from you.

So when and where will your inspired retreat be? I would love to hear stories of your previous inspired visioning exercises and the results that you harvested from them – e: [email protected] or, to receive our Entrepreneurial Habitudes Podcast click here.

Cheers, Scott