It is the night terrors of Halloween for some. Just mention:

Uber to taxi companies
Amazon to retailers
Tesla to auto manufacturers
Airbnb to hoteliers
Fiverr to those in creative spaces
Netflix/Skype to traditional Telco’s
Online organic education to established higher learning monoliths
…….. and on it goes.

This is what is known. This is now! This is just the last three years. Now think about the next two, five or ten.

How do you and your business survive? Better yet, how do you thrive? Here are three top tools to help you do just that:

Heads up! Disruptive innovations, trends – whatever you want to call them – rarely appear out of thin air. They still need to germinate, establish roots and grow. They often just do it much faster than the examples in textbooks. If you don’t see it coming, it is because you are not looking or, more likely, you are trying to hide so your equilibrium will not be rocked – let’s be truthful. This leads to the next arrow in your quiver.
Build plasticity into your DNA. The most dangerous words in business today are ‘we have always done it that way’. More dangerous than the words is the cultural mindset behind them, one where moving to recyclable packaging is considered innovative (if you catch what I mean). Businesses that will continue to thrive have at their executive core, minds that are outside the corporate lexicon. They suggest, challenge, provoke and envision what the future will be, not based on what is present today, but what will be essential in the future. Think drones for delivery, charging stations for cars or hyper loop transportation.
Let go easier. We are creatures of habit. Up to 90% of your day is ensconced routine. We want to hang on to things as generations before us did. The weight of those legacies may just be what takes your ship down. Practice being nimble. Replace antiquated clutter whether it is practices, outdated positions or product.
The above is dreaded night terrors for some – the abundance of Christmas for others. What season will it be for you?

Scott Armstrong is a speaker and consultant on Disruptive Innovation.