How does swimming with tigers launch a 25-year speaking career? Well when you also inspire over 2000 businesses along the way then there is something special to talk about. Starting an exotic wildlife sanctuary from scratch and growing it into one of Canada’s premier environmental education centers without a single donation requires a special talent. Growing that talent and becoming Director of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Training at The British Columbia Institute of Technology requires exceptional future vision and relentless tenacity to provide sustained motivation to a diversity of audiences.


Specializing in business and personal motivation for growth Scott brings a counter intuitive energy to his presentations, helping clients broaden their perspectives to otherwise concealed opportunities.  He possesses a remarkable ability to understand what is truly important to his audiences.

Scott is a fantastic speaker. His knowledge of business strategies is second to none and I’ve watched him energize hardened veterans and entrepreneurs alike. Book Scott while you can – your business will thank you for it.
Bradley Shende, CEO, M20 Media

Scott’s presence on stage, his complete professionalism, and ability to craft custom messaging in his presentations ensures:

  • Attendees will feel a heightened level of enthusiasm and commitment to their work and will have free resources to ensure the momentum is maintained
  • Clients will experience seamless integration of Scott into their conference with logistical items and timely promotional materials
  • Scott will talk with organizers and attendees to ensure his knowledge of the audience and their needs radiates through his presentation

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