A wide chasm is before you. People who needed you desperately every day quickly dwindle. The river of meaningful introductions to the business community quickly dries up. The company brand that was always behind you is replaced by a new logo you had designed on Fivrr that nobody knows. If you are only as valuable as your next job this transition into entrepreneurship can be unnerving.

Many never leave their jobs – make the transition to what they suspect they have always wanted – a chance to run their own show. They are worried that without the ‘company’ behind them providing instant credibility, the marketplace will not value them.

But STOP IT! STOP IT right there! You are playing the game from fear, not reward. You need to separate yourself from the company and allow a new identity to grow.

So how do you do this? Here are five top tips I have seen in the past 15 years helping people successfully make the jump to starting and growing their own business:

1. Confidence builder – ask those around you what they think you do really well. You may already suspect what you hear but there will be some new skills – and hearing all of this is great for growing your confidence.

2. You are not building a completely new identity. You are taking the best of what you currently do and adding new skills – which is incredibly exciting. It is ordering a delicious entry only to find out it comes with an exquisite wine, appetizer and dessert.

3. Understand that most large firms can only achieve a mediocre level of performance. They are not nimble or innovative – and most are filled with legacy employees that have a ‘job’, not a passion. You are making this transition from a place of passion. I remember trying to convince my employer of the growth market of quality online learning 6 years ago but vision was not welcome. Leaving became the best option to pursue my passion.

4. Early success with partial transition. Provide yourself with the opportunity to have some success with clients of your own before you pull the plug on your employment. Validation of your worth on your own will provide tremendous energy to make it happen.

5. Build up connections and networks with those who have already made the transition to a solopreneur identity. Their success and support are much more enduring and valuable than those who cannot fully appreciate that mediocrity is not what you plan on doing for the rest of your life.

Cheers, Scott
Speaker, Trainer, Motivator