Would you agree that many companies get caught in the trap of thinking that what provided them with success in the past will lead to future success? The corporate graveyard is riddled with examples of such inwardly focused business leaders. Yet we know that aspects of virtually every business’ environment are changing. And to adapt to that change you need to have an organizational culture that will allow, and then later, embrace a culture of openness and entrepreneurship within it’s ranks. So here is a top tip if you are looking to establish a culture of change or entrepreneurship.

Don’t try to change everything at once. Have a narrow focus on an area where the change will be noticeable and favourable. This is a momentum gatherer, so you don’t want to necessarily do the heavy lifting at the beginning. Adapting to change is like training for a sport – you get better as you go along. If better customer service is your goal then target your people for training in this area, but leave the technology changes to support this until those effected have their legs back under them. Doing too much at once means you may inadvertently drop the ball and nothing gets done well. Confusion of failure will only increase resistance as you move onto more substantial issues.

Working with a previous client I met an incredible person who was a whirling tornado of progress. New ideas came out of her mouth almost daily. From a distance it seemed very inspirational. From close up, her staff did not know which changes to focus on or which ones she would forget about. As a result, very little got done and much of her staff’s time was spent trying to figure out what she meant. Focus on one item and execute it well.