I took the plunge 6 weeks ago – or should I say I stopped taking the plunge. After seeing a seminar on the ongoing destructive effects of caffeine by Rob Froher in late August I hit my pain point and decided to cut caffeine out of my day. I was tired of the ups and downs of energy, the blood pressure issues as well as the sleep challenges of caffeine coming and going through my system. Any of this sound familiar to you?

Yes, I was scared – having experienced the withdrawal symptoms on my previous attempts, but with age advancing and my sense of invincibility with my health no longer as strong, I decided it was my time. An added benefit for me though was not in stopping drinking coffee or tea – I have actually never had a cup ‘o joe in my life. But thanks to a working stint at the Coca Cola factory in Toronto when I was 16 I have been hooked ever since. So not only was I getting rid of the caffeine but also the myriad of other nasty chemicals found in pop.

How is it going? The first two weeks were the hardest for sure. I have amped up my time at the gym and getting exercise – that has definitely helped. When I feel a craving, I have a soda and cranberry juice and that has taken away my need for the bubbly brown soda:). Energy wise I have stabilized and with my own energy have found I am more productive and focussed throughout the day.

Have you ever tried to kick caffeine? What are your experiences? Any tips on how to beat it?