You know there is more out there for you – more vitality, more adventure, more ‘ah, that’s perfect!’. You even have a vision of what it is – a great idea, an awesome lifestyle – if you could only get it started and keep the momentum going (if you don’t yet have that vision check out this post).

Here are 5 traits those who accomplish the great things in their lives say helped them the most:

1. Your Whys – Write down all the reasons you want this – don’t just think of them – actually write them down. How strong are they? Think of the impact of this dream not only to your ambition but also to your vitality, your partner, your family and your community. Paste it on your bathroom wall where you see if every day – BAM – there it is, visually and with all the WHYS you should be doing it now and not waiting for the perfect moment. Hey, you already know that moment will never arrive.

2. Sleeping More – Despite what some corporate warriors say, you cannot perform at your best if you don’t get at least 7-8 hours sleep a night. Yes, there are those braggarts who say they only need 5 hours but here is the kick – every credible sleep study shows that if you are even one hour of sleep shy of 7-8 hours per night you are impaired cognitively the next day. So as Arianna Huffington has said, “Sleep your way to the top!”

3. Thinking Unassisted – We are so used to reflexing to Google or YouTube when we want to know something. By doing this we shut out our own mind’s ability to think, and think creatively. Start each and every day avoiding your phone or iPad for at least 30 minutes. Think unassisted about your dreams and visions. Take that shower and as that warm water hits you find something about your vision to get excited about today. Personally, I even take dry erase markers into the shower to write on the walls and glass, as this is where so many inspirations come for me. Find your spot and do and extract/record your best.

4. Gratitude Expression – As each day goes by you should be happy. Why? Because your vision is still being pursued and despite the ups and downs of every day you have amazing things happening in your life. We all do.  Gratitude is not generated by external circumstances – it comes from you, and you envisioning your goal and being mindful with what is already around you.

5. Perspective – Your vision is a journey to be enjoyed – pay credit to this. Each and every step you take, whether it is describing your idea to someone, meeting a group who can help you, or doing some initial research (off of the computer) needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. Your mind will enjoy these self initiated moments of celebration and will motivate it to move forward in your journey. Have belief in yourself that you can handle this!

There you have it. 5 of the top fuels needed to make dreams come true.

My challenge to you is to ignore all of these. Yes, you read this right. Go ahead and try to ignore them completely and watch the heavy mud weigh down the vitality you want. You will be moving as fast as someone begrudgingly writing the Canadian Revenue Agency a cheque this tax season. When you feel this pain (or if you already know it) raise your game in each of these 5 areas. They are game changers.

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Scott is a performance speaker and coach.