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“Yes I have a dream, but they are many, both known and unknown to me” – Anonymous

Unchecked, the busyness of life has a habit of hiding, of burying our true desires and dreams. Career, family and life’s famous curve balls can hobble even the most resolute mind to lose touch with their true passions and even worse, fail to recognize incredible opportunities that are right there for the taking.

We don’t accept the mediocre. We don’t accept the fear of challenge. Not for ourselves and not for you or your company.  We root out that part of you that once believed everything was possible and bring it back to life, and then unleash it on your most treasured dreams and goals with focus, skill and support.

How We Work With You

We strip away your excuses, your rationalizations that have road blocked your journey and open up the landscape of what is possible and what you desire. We will work with you if you are ready to commit to action in unleashing your potential and creating what you have always dreamed intensely about – your Limitless vision. Is it time we met?

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(for individuals)

A gift to you! One life-altering juicy goal – realized. What would yours be? In your most pumped-up state, what do you think is possible? What if your dreams, no matter how incredible, are only the entry point to a new life of passion and fulfillment!  Why, you ask?

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(for your business)

The spirit of disruptive innovation is essential for all successful organizations – large or small. Don’t agree? Just look at how resource companies are struggling to cope with $30 oil, or retailers 3 steps behind Amazon’s expansion to 50% of the market.

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Is it passion? A sound business model? A sustainable market? After helping over 2000 businesses launch and grow over the past 15 years Scott has deeply learned that every successful business owner’s success is… well, unique. Ask him – he developed Canada’s largest exotic wildlife refuge and spent his working days playing with wolves and rehabilitating tigers.

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Keynote Presentations


Your Limitless Vision

We dare you to sink your teeth deeply into your true passions. Adventure, writing, travel, entrepreneurship – let’s see what really moves you. In this ½-day workshop you will develop a personalized vision board. Read More

Full Day Limitless Vision and Action Plan

 This adrenalin pumping personalized event takes the dreams, passions explored in the ½-day Vision Workshop and adds the ‘how to’s’ allowing you to get immediate traction in realizing your dreams. Read More


There is nothing better for opening up possibilities in your heart and mind like the pulse of excitement and adventure.  Are you ready to join us?

Every year we have over 20 adventures we offer to our 1000+ members. From safari trips to Kenya and Viet Nam to adventure races, helping the less fortunate to west coast surfing, mountain snowshoeing to exciting interest workshops. Read More

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Our Story

Can you believe it? The whole Limitless concept started with me playing with animals over 30 years ago. Sitting at a soulless desk as a corporate banker, I was deeply frustrated. I knew there had to be more for me than pushing paper.  Yes, I had done it right -followed the proper path of education and had what most considered a great future in front of me. That was 1986 – and that’s when things changed – I decided to go Limitless.

Three years later I was operating Canada’s largest rehabilitation centre for abandoned exotic animals – my lifelong dream come true.  As a result an incredible myriad of wonderful creatures became part of my family – swimming with jaguars, running with wolves, playing in the snow with tigers, helping an owl take flight again. These activities had replaced my corporate banker’s desk  — and I ecstatic.

I wanted to help others feel the incredible satisfaction that comes from doing what one loves. My next step – helping people create their own Limitless adventure. Over the last 20 years I have worked with over 2000 businesses and individuals to help them create and grow – a body of work I am grateful to have been a part of.

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You are exploring something extraordinary – yes?  When you are ready to launch, meaningful coaching and guidance from those who have taken the steps you are about to can be an invaluable asset. It strengthens your confidence, momentum and focus.

We coach people like you and sweep aside the ‘paralysis of analysis’. Online capabilities mean that we can be there when you need us whether via Skype, webinar or phone. Because you and your vision are unique we offer a variety of coaching options so we can tailor the support you desire.

Contact us for an initial complimentary assessment and more information. You have decided on your direction. Let us be your guide!

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Find posts on health, adventure, food and many other limitless topics from guest authors, our members and ourselves. Have an idea for a post? Go Limitless and tell us about it.

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